Restaurant Ramblers 1st Post!

Hello to you, and welcome to the Restaurant Ramblers Blog!

My husband and I work incessantly so when we get some time off our favorite thing to do is to go exploring! Our favorite thing to explore are little towns and restaurants! We will go near and far to try out new ( and sometimes our old favorite restaurants). My husband is a chef and I am a counselor and our tastes and interests vary greatly with food. I am the picky eater and he is the adventurous foodie. One thing that we do have in common is that we always agree when we find a good or bad restaurant. Our thoughts do not just rely on the food, but the service as well as, the environment. These are all integral parts to a dining experience and we have had our fair share of duds. So! Join us for our restaurant adventures and feel free to share your thoughts and opinions!


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