Mountains Excursion

We recently went on a few day trip to the Poconos! The scenery of Bushkill Falls alone will make you hungry as a horse let alone the hiking we did! So off we went to eat!

During our stay we ate at the Broadway Grille in Jim Thorpe.

My husband and I have eaten and stayed here before and we loved it, well what a mistake we made going here that day. Upon walking in three servers stood at the other end of the restaurant staring at us at the Hostess podium. Instead of greeting us they waited and stared…….this was the first indication that we should have turned around and hit another spot, BUT we stayed regrettably.

At first, our waitress was sweet as pie, recommending the Veggie Burger to my husband, but then informing me that my choice of the Brisket wasn’t available. So I chose the margherita flatbread. We ordered iced teas as our beverages… made with all natural H20….missing the tea. So we switched our drinks. We were off to a rough start, but we were still excited for dinner.

The runner brings our food and the presentation was extremely disappointing. My flatbread had disproportionate amount of basil, cheese and sauce. All of the cheese was on 1/4 of the pie almost as if the chef/cook just through it together. I tried it, and forced myself to just eat it because I was starved.

Now, the dreaded veggie burger. Reminiscent of vomit on a bun is the best way to explain this travesty of food. as soon as my husband touched it, it fell everywhere. It was essentially a can of black beans on a bun with a dab of guacamole. It was inedible to eat and even worse to look at. My husband tried to suffer through a second bite, but gave up.

So, we shared with the waitress only the concern about the burger and her response was nothing short of irritated. She claimed that “that’s the way it always is.” She said she would just go get the manager. The manger decided not to come greet us and just told the waitress to take it off the check ( we could over hear the conversation a few feet away). The waitress visibly irritated with us, handed us the check and walked off. We tipped the waitress the normal 20% of the cost of the original check even though she deserved nothing.

Just a tidbit, my husband and I have both served, my husband runs a kitchen. We know that it is not the waitress’s fault that the food was poor, but that was her opportunity to make our dining experience bearable and instead she made it uncomfortable. So, another restaurant bites the dust in our eyes and we will never return due to such an awful experience all the way from service, kitchen staff, right to management. Next time, we are hitting the Irish pub around the corner! Adios!


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