Food Truck Heaven & Waffles

Tonight we decided to hit Peddlers Village for a brief outing since the hubby had to work all day. Unfortunately, pregnancy brain has completely taken over on tonight’s food truck names, but we thoroughly enjoyed our food, our walk around the village, the music, and the scenery of families enjoying a night out. A high possibility of why I forget where we ate is because I was more so looking forward to dessert, and boy did I have enjoy it. We hit Nina’s Waffles one of our stops when we are in New Hope, Pa. Excitingly enough, they just recently opened a new shop in Peddlers Village so I just had to head over and have some! Tonight’s choice was the waffle with chocolate covered pretzel ice cream. Nina’s Waffles are not your typical diner waffle. They have a sugar type glaze/coating that adds just the right amount of sweetness to not overpower your delicious dessert. The taste of the waffle is unlike any waffle I’ve ever had, and it is the STAR of the show in my opinion. The ice cream (all homemade I might add) was good, but I should have went with the salted caramel, but I wanted to give it a try since it was a new flavor for me to try there. Overall, the atmosphere is bright and open, the perfect little spot to sit and enjoy your yummy summer treat. Definitely a must try, if you are in the New Hope, Doylestown, or Peddlers Village areas as they all have cute quaint shops that have all the same product and decor. 


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